Redefining Payroll Services: A Breakthrough Website Design for Wisely by ADP and Narrow Land

Elevating Financial Control and Talent Retention: A Journey of Innovative Website Design
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Wisely by ADP is a groundbreaking financial product designed to provide employees with greater control over their finances while helping employers attract and retain top talent. In collaboration with Narrow Land, a leading website design company, ADP embarked on a transformative journey to create This case study explores the challenges faced by ADP, the innovative solutions implemented by Narrow Land, and the remarkable impact achieved in revolutionizing payroll services.

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The Challenges Faced by ADP’s Wisely

ADP recognized the need for a dynamic online platform that showcased the Wisely product and provided a seamless user experience. With Wisely being a new product launch, ADP required an exceptional website that aligned with industry best practices in web development, responsive design, and search engine optimization (SEO). The timeline for this project was short, adding to the complexity of the endeavor.

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Crafting the Solution

Narrow Land, as the web development team, partnered with ADP to create, ensuring the website would meet and exceed expectations.

Collaboration with Their Preferred Design Agency

Narrow Land received design files from a renowned design agency in the Netherlands. These designs formed the foundation for the website's visual aesthetics and user interface.

Responsive Design and SEO Focus

The website development process prioritized responsive styling, ensuring an optimal user experience across devices. Moreover, SEO best practices were integrated to enhance online visibility and drive organic traffic to

Wisely About Page

Implementation and Ongoing Enhancements

Narrow Land's collaboration with ADP extended beyond the initial website development, evolving into a long-term partnership to meet evolving needs and challenges.

Continued Design & Development Support

ADP retained Narrow Land for approximately three years, entrusting us with ongoing design and development tasks. Our team seamlessly incorporated designs from other contractors, maintaining consistency and enhancing the user experience.

Expansion into User Experience Research & Marketing Campaigns

Narrow Land's role expanded to include user experience research, allowing ADP to refine the website based on user feedback. Additionally, the team took charge of creating email campaigns and marketing strategies, aligning with Wisely's promotional initiatives.

Versatility & Adaptability

As an enterprise-grade website, received significant traffic, necessitating adaptability and versatility. Narrow Land seamlessly integrated with different teams within ADP, overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional results.

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Technologies & Integrations

Narrow Land employed various technologies and integrations to enhance the functionality and security of

WordPress Development with Security Solutions was built on WordPress, with security being a paramount concern. Narrow Land collaborated with Fjorge, a hosting and security solutions provider, to implement robust security measures and ensure data protection.

SVG Animations & Optimization

To bring visual appeal and interactivity to the website, Narrow Land incorporated SVG animations. These animations were designed and developed using Adobe After Effects, keeping load speed optimization as a priority. The team constantly refined and optimized the files for optimal performance.

Unlock Financial Empowerment with Narrow Land

Are you a financial institution or employer seeking to revolutionize payroll services and empower employees with greater financial control? Narrow Land specializes in delivering cutting-edge website design solutions that drive exceptional results. Contact us today to embark on a transformative journey toward empowering financial freedom and talent retention with Narrow Land as your trusted partner.

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