Awakening Digital Horizons with Webflow: A Journey with Awaken Your Soul

A Journey with Awaken Your Soul
Awaken Your Soul Website Homepage Screenshot


Awaken Your Soul, a provider of Iboga retreats and plant medicine based in Costa Rica, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance its online presence. Faced with challenges in their existing web design, Awaken Your Soul sought the expertise of Narrow Land to revitalize their digital identity and address technical limitations.


When Awaken Your Soul approached Narrow Land, their website was built on Givvy, a WordPress page builder plug-in. The platform was failing to meet their evolving needs, compounded by issues with hosting that hindered necessary updates. This prompted a reevaluation of their web design strategy and the search for a more robust solution.

Selection of Webflow

Narrow Land, recognizing the need for a platform aligned with Awaken Your Soul's vision for a cinematic and video-heavy site, recommended Webflow. The decision was based on the platform's capacity to overcome the technical challenges associated with WordPress and its ability to cater to an international audience accessing the site from various locations.

Awaken Your Soul Website Screenshot Preparation and Integration

Design and Aesthetic Overhaul

Collaborating closely with Awaken Your Soul, Narrow Land undertook a redesign to refresh the website's look. The goal was to embody a wild, native, or natural feel that resonated with their audience. The process involved overcoming challenges in transitioning from the existing look to a new, visually compelling aesthetic.

Integration of Webflow Solutions

Awaken Your Soul's operational landscape included multiple vendors for different functions—JotForm for submissions, Eventbrite for scheduling, Constant Contact for email collection, Green Geeks for hosting, and GoDaddy for their URL. Webflow emerged as the solution to consolidate and streamline these disparate elements, simplifying maintenance and issue resolution.

Empowering the Team

Recognizing the client's desire for more control over content and presentation, Narrow Land customized the Webflow backend. This involved creating modules and entry forms tailored to Awaken Your Soul's needs, reducing their reliance on external assistance. Additionally, a comprehensive week-long training session empowered the client's team to navigate and manage the website independently.

Awaken Your Soul Mobile Website Screenshot

Results and Impact

The implementation of Webflow yielded tangible results for Awaken Your Soul. The website's performance, loading times, and user experience significantly improved. The refreshed aesthetic positively impacted the brand's image and engagement with the audience. The client's team now enjoys enhanced control and autonomy in managing the website, and streamlined communication and issue resolution are achieved through a single vendor—Webflow.


In summary, the Awaken Your Soul website transformation stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Awaken Your Soul and Narrow Land. From the challenges of Givvy to the revitalization with Webflow, the holistic approach, encompassing design, technical expertise, and education, has positioned Awaken Your Soul for sustained success. Businesses facing similar challenges are invited to explore Narrow Land's comprehensive solutions for their digital transformations.

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