Transforming Concrete Express: A Web Design Upgrade

This case study delves into the challenges faced by Concrete Express with their previous website and how our strategic approach revitalized their online presence.
Concrete Express Website Homepage Screenshot

Concrete Express, a leading company in the construction industry, embarked on a web design transformation. This case study delves into the challenges faced by Concrete Express with their previous website and how our strategic approach revitalized their online presence.


Concrete Express had been relying on WordPress for their website, but it was evident that the site's design and software were outdated. The challenge was clear – the need to modernize and enhance both the aesthetic and technical aspects of their online platform.

Identifying Challenges

Upon closer analysis, we identified two main challenges. First, the design principles were outdated, reflecting trends from several years ago. Second, the software was aging, compromising the site's functionality. Recognizing these challenges presented an opportunity for improvement and innovation.

Concrete Express Website Homepage

The Approach

Our solution involved transitioning Concrete Express from WordPress to Webflow. This move not only modernized the design but also streamlined their online presence. Consolidating hosting, URL management, security, and more into one platform simplified the entire process for Concrete Express.

Addressing Business Goals

To align with Concrete Express's business goals, we established a monthly retainer. This included regular design updates and the production of SEO-friendly content. The strategic focus on lead generation aimed to increase the quantity and quality of leads for Concrete Express, contributing to the growth of their business.

Collaboration and Unique Elements

Unlike previous projects, Concrete Express actively participated in the creative process by providing numerous images. This departure from the use of stock imagery brought a unique and engaging visual aspect to the project. The collaborative effort between Concrete Express and ourselves proved to be a defining element of the transformation.

Concrete Express Website Mobile Screenshot

Achievements and Results

The results were remarkable. Concrete Express experienced substantial improvements in page speed rank, a notable enhancement in ADA compliance score, and a significant decrease in page load time.


In conclusion, the Concrete Express web design project exemplifies our comprehensive approach to overcoming challenges and delivering impactful results. The transformation not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing the effectiveness of a strategic and collaborative partnership.

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