Web Design and Development - Project Management

The Client

Broto,, a new global conference and community of collaborating artists and scientists working to innovate climate solutions was seeking a website and social media platforms to promote their event.

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Our Work

Our web development team constructed the Broto website using a fully customized WordPress child theme and worked collaboratively with a notable designer, who provided the brand guide. We applied the branding and launched the Broto Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp accounts to create a cohesive digital marketing suite.

Bridge Import Group by Narrow Land

Project Features

  • WooCommerce (an ecommerce platform) for the sale of merchandise, ticketing, and memberships
  • Mobile optimization allowing site visitors to access information and make purchases on-the-go
  • Social media integration and intake forms to capture attendee, volunteer, and sponsor information
  • Creative photography and videography capturing the natural beauty of Provincetown and surrounding areas
  • SEO and mobile optimization
  • Event videography services, including full length videos of each presentation and short films recapping each day of the conference
  • Launch, configuration, and management of Basecamp platform, the primary form of communication and collaboration for a team of over 15 artists, scientists, and organizers participating in the event
Bridge Import Group by Narrow Land
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