Ensuring ADA Compliance: Setting Site Language in Webflow

Webflow Language Options

In the dynamic realm of web design, ADA compliance is an ever-evolving consideration. In today's Webflow tutorial, we shift our focus from design nuances to address a common compliance issue that often flies under the radar but is a breeze to rectify if you know where to look and what to do.

Background on ADA Compliance Issues

Many websites face scrutiny when subjected to ADA compliance audits or Google PageSpeed assessments. The issue at hand? The absence of a country code or language code, triggering an ADA compliance failure. In a landscape where compliance standards are becoming increasingly stringent, this is a critical aspect that must be incorporated into your development process. It is worth mentioning that many designers recommend integrating with an ADA website compliance tool to better-reach this goal.

Locating and Setting Language Code in Webflow

The solution lies right in your Webflow site settings, specifically on the general tab. In the middle of the page, you'll find the option to enter a language code. For instance, if your site caters primarily to English-speaking/reading users, simply add "en" to the text box. Knowing your country code is the key. Save your changes, publish them, and you're one step closer to a compliant website.

Finding Country Codes for Non-English Audiences

But what if your audience isn't predominantly English-speaking? Fear not. A quick search for "Google list of ISO country codes" or "list of country codes" will lead you to abundant resources, including Wikipedia. Armed with your list, a brief search will unveil your corresponding country code, ensuring your site caters accurately to diverse audiences.

Webflow's Localization Feature

Webflow has introduced a powerful feature in the "General Settings" tab: localization. This is an add-on that offers enhanced customization based on user location, affecting language and wording displays, as well as coding displays. For just $9 per month for each locale you add, you can tailor your site to meet the unique needs of different audiences.

Using Webflow Add-Ons for Localization

To leverage this feature, navigate to the "plans" section in Webflow. A newly added "Add-Ons" tab takes you to a world of possibilities. Here, choose from multiple language/locale options, and make primary and secondary choices. The pricing structure is straightforward: $9 a month for each locale used. Whether you want your site to display in English, French, Japanese, or a combination, Webflow has you covered.


In conclusion, tackling ADA compliance challenges doesn't have to be a daunting task. With this quick tutorial, you can address a common pitfall and ensure your Webflow projects are not only visually appealing but also inclusive and compliant. Incorporate these steps into your development process, and rest assured that your website meets the evolving standards of ADA compliance. A little attention to detail goes a long way in crafting an accessible digital space for all.

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