Critical Elements Your Web Developer Probably Overlooked

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Your website is the door to your business. In fact, it is probably one of the first marketing strategies you put into place, as no one takes a company seriously if it lacks a presence online. But in the rush to get your site up, did you or your developer miss some crucial building blocks? Here are some key design elements that may have fallen by the wayside but are essential to putting your business front and center online.

Responsive Design

Nothing screams “behind the times” like a site that doesn’t translate well to mobile. These days, consumers conduct over half of their online browsing on mobile devices. It’s critical that your site is designed to fit all screen sizes, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. If your site doesn’t work on your potential customer’s screen, they’ll bounce over to the next company’s site within seconds.


Color selection can be both fun and infuriating. By the time you land on the primary and secondary colors for your brand, you may feel like you’re done. When it comes to website design, however, you’re at just the beginning.

Color decisions will impact your visitors’ experiences and influence your conversion rate, so it’s important your overall look is not only engaging, but usable. Like sites that don’t properly fit a screen, sites that have bland, garish, or difficult-to-read color schemes lose visitors within moments. An experienced web developer will create a welcoming combination of colors that will keep your users engaged.


For most business websites, getting visitors to the form is the golden ticket, the coveted point of conversion. It’s surprising, then, that many developers treat form design and validation as an afterthought instead of a priority.

How are your forms performing in the following areas?

  • Labelling. Is the exact purpose of the form clear? Remember, the form will ask for personal details like email addresses and phone numbers. Your customers will want to know where that information is going.
  • Input fields. Are they laid out well? Are they easy to follow and fill?
  • Validation. Is the website clearly communicating user requirements and errors, such as required fields, real-time validation, and post-back validation? If your visitor isn’t sure how to fix any errors or whether their form even went through, you can bet they will be leaving your site for another.


Strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what gets visitors to your site in the first place. Simply, what key search terms and phrases will your user likely enter to get to your page?

Effective SEO is the result of research and analysis, not guesswork, and search terms vary with location and time. A good web developer will target page titles, headings, subheadings, descriptions, and content with SEO shown to get results.


When it comes to good web design, you are never truly done. Even if your overall look is engaging and your links and forms are functioning beautifully, you will need to update your site with fresh, engaging content frequently to keep traffic flowing and SEO up to date. One way to keep visitors coming to your site is by posting fresh blog posts on a regular schedule so that your site becomes a high-quality destination for information and learning.

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