6 Web Design Principles at Narrow Land

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Great website design allows you to build great relationships with your customers. You need a web designer you trust to represent your company and your brand. That means more than just making your website look aesthetically pleasing. Our team can create a website that allows you to connect with your customer, build trust, and simplify your customers’ daily tasks.

Using our web design principles, we build a responsive culture of feedback and constructive problem solving. We’re here to listen to you, partner with you, and make a website that fits the needs of your company and your customers.

Here are six of our effective design principles.

Keep It Simple

A clean, fresh design makes a website easier to navigate. We focus on incorporating essential elements into your website that customers need to achieve their goals. We will make sure each element of your website serves a purpose and makes it easier, not harder, for your customers to complete their tasks.

Honest and Reliable

Social media has impacted the way people communicate, especially with businesses. Your customers want to know the people behind your company, and transparent feedback and open communication with your customers will allow you to develop trust. Your headlines and text must be respectful and engaging and should reveal a little about who you are and what you do behind the scenes.

Have a Purpose

Whether your visitors are looking for information, entertainment, or to conduct business, a good website developer will work to meet those needs. Each page of your website should have a clear purpose and fulfill a specific need for your visitors. At Narrow Land, we use data-driven design methods and leverage customer research to create a design that reaches the right people.

Unified Design

Your company has a unique personality, and your website should reflect that in the way each piece fits together with cohesiveness and familiarity. We use common patterns throughout the website to support your brand. These include the following:

  • Complementary colors for balance;
  • Contrasting colors for text and background for easier reading;
  • Vibrant colors for calls to action;
  • White space to provide an uncluttered look;
  • Images that provide useful information about your products or services;
  • Serif fonts for headlines; and
  • Sans serif fonts for body text.

Clear and Concise

Your customers want to quickly find the information they need. Your content should be concise and convey a positive experience. Our website developers will make the information on your website clear, easy to read, and easy to understand. Dense, complex content turns your customers away. We organize information using headlines, sub headlines, and bullet points so that your customers can easily consume your content.


Your website visitors want a value-added experience. Each link should function fast, and every button and call to action should be positioned correctly. Our team will design your website so that visitors can navigate with as little effort as possible.

Using our six website design principles ensures that your customers have a more engaging, memorable experience when they visit your website. You can’t go wrong with a functional, intuitive, user-friendly website.

Do you have a website that needs reviewing or optimizing? Maybe you need a new website designed from the ground up. Either way, look no further than our team of web developers at Narrow Land. We have the tools to design a website that converts visitors to customers.

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