4 Reasons to Hire a Website Administrator

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You’ve hired a web designer to make a website for you, and it’s up and running smoothly. Now you need to someone to manage that site. As a business owner, it can be tempting to manage your website yourself or delegate the duties to an employee. While this is always an option, you want to make sure you or your employee has the time and knowledge to manage the site properly. Simple devices like smartphones and tables and simple interfaces like apps make it easy for people to use technology without understanding the intricacies of how it works.

At Narrow Land, our experienced web developers work with you to create a website, and then we can manage that site for you. Here are four reasons to hire a website administrator for your business.


You want an experienced website developer who has the qualifications to manage your project. Think of your website the way you would your car. You wouldn’t take your car to just anyone to maintain it. Your website deserves the same attention.

Our experts offer advice on all aspects of your site. We ensure your website design is set up to give you the maximum impact on ranking and performance. A website administrator can enrich your website with new content targeted to your audience. We offer insight into the best ways for your customers to gain value from your website. We also perform appropriate maintenance tasks to keep your website running smoothly. Something that seems simple, such as installing a new plugin, can disable your whole site if not done correctly.

Save Time

You may have tech savvy employees, but that doesn’t mean they are capable or willing to take on the task of managing your website. Hiring an experienced website administrator ensures the job is done right. This ultimately saves you time and money and allows you to focus on running your business and selling your products or services.

You can team up with the website administrator or assign a willing employee to be the contact person. When you need something on your website changed or updated, simply send an email to your website administrator rather than learning a new software program.


Website administrators know the security measures to take to protect your website from hackers. Small businesses are often targeted because online criminals believe these websites will have lower security standards. Make sure your website is protected. A website administrator monitors your site for potential issues and addresses them before they become a problem.

Systems Backup

If your website is targeted by malicious hackers, it could go down, and you will be back at square one unless you have backed up your site. If your website isn’t up and running, your customers will not be able to find you, which could lead to lost revenue. Web administrators back up your website so that it can be restored in minutes should it go down for any reason.

When you hire a website administrator, you’re hiring someone with the experience to perform the tasks needed to improve your website and help you run your business more efficiently. An experienced website manager will monitor your site for problems and make sure your site is backed up with the appropriate security measures installed. This saves you time and money so that you can give your attention to running your business.

Ready to Secure Your Digital Presence?

Don't leave your website's health and security to chance. With the ever-evolving digital landscape, having a dedicated website administrator is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. At Narrow Land, we're committed to ensuring your website remains optimized, secure, and always up-to-date. Let us handle the technicalities so you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Contact us today and fortify your online presence.

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