Bridge Import Group

Web Design and Development - Creative Services

The Client

Based out of Boston, Massachusetts, Bridge Import Group, Inc. delivers dynamic solutions for the protection of cargo shipped worldwide in intermodal containers and over-road trailer trucks. Bridge has over 10 years’ experience protecting sensitive cargo for established manufacturing companies around the globe.

Bridge Import Group by Narrow Land

Our Work

Our company designed, developed, and launched the all new Bridge Import Group website. The client needed to migrate to a more user friendly hosting provider and start with a modern, streamlined digital presence as part of a company rebrand.

Bridge Import Group by Narrow Land

Project Features

  • Hosting and domain migration
  • Content and copywriting
  • Configuration and integration of Google Analytics tracking
  • Product photography
  • One-click language translation
  • Multiple user accounts with varying amounts of access
  • Hero video background creation and placement
Bridge Import Group by Narrow Land
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